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BIGTOP-1604. Create MAINTAINERS.txt file.
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rvs committed Jan 26, 2015
1 parent 4158095 commit c6028e77a18d12f9f983f102d42b96c43a4d7624
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CI infra: ?
gradle / build system: cos
CI infra: rvs
gradle / build system: cos, rvs
gridgain-hadoop: cos
hadoop: mark grover, cos
hbase: andrew purtell
hadoop: mark grover, cos, rvs
hbase: andrew purtell, rvs
hive: mark grover
hue: oflebbe
itest: cos
mvn publishing/packaging: ?
oozie evans ye
itest: cos, rvs
mvn publishing/packaging: rvs
oozie evans ye, rvs
phoenix: andrew purtell
pig: evans ye, daniel dai
puppet recipes: jay vyas, cos, evans ye
puppet recipes: jay vyas, cos, evans ye, rvs
smoke-tests: jay vyas, david capwell
spark: jay vyas,
sqoop: sean mackrory
tachyon: david capwell, jay vyas
test-artifacts and test-execution repos:
tez: evans ye
vagrant recipes: jay vyas, evans ye
zookeeper: sean mackrory
zookeeper: sean mackrory, rvs

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