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Testing Bigtop on various Clouds

Cloud Weather Report (cwr) enables charm authors and maintainers to run health checks and benchmarks on multiple clouds using Juju.

When the cwr starts executing, it deploys a bundle or charm on the clouds chosen by the author. It runs all the tests associated with each charm in each cloud it deployed to. It also runs benchmarks on those clouds allowing charm authors to see how their charms are performing on different clouds.

Results of the test runs are stored in local static html pages with a link provided at the end of the run.

You will first need to set up Juju and CWR, and bootstrap one or more Juju controllers, such as on AWS or GCE. Then, you can run the report with the cwr tool:

cwr aws gce bigtop-tests/cloud-weather-report/hadoop-processing.yaml

A set of various Cloud Weather Reports are generated daily and can be viewed online.