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Improving accuracy; adjusting Pipfile
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Gary Martin committed Jun 5, 2018
1 parent 0394b68 commit 3854c5dbf450bcb110fc1a0922b0d2567bf69999
Showing 3 changed files with 14 additions and 29 deletions.
@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ PyYAML = "*"

django = ">=2.0.0"
pyyaml = "*"

python_version = "3.6"

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@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ pipenv install
If this doesn't work, it should be done from the same directory as the
`Pipenv` file.

Additionally, to run tests described later, you'll also need to install the
development dependencies:

pipenv install --dev

Though possibly annoying, the commands in this file will assume the use of
`pipenv` but not that the pipenv shell has been activated.

@@ -61,7 +68,7 @@ pipenv run python test
Fixtures for tests when required can be generated with:

pipenv python dumpdata bh-core --format=yaml --indent=2 > bh-core/fixtures/[fixture-name].yaml
pipenv run python dumpdata trackers --format=yaml --indent=2 > trackers/fixtures/[fixture-name].yaml

## Integration Tests
@@ -79,9 +86,8 @@ tar -x geckodriver -zf "$TMP_DIR/geckodriver-$LATEST-$PLATFORM_EXT" -O > "$BIN_L
chmod +x "$BIN_LOCATION"/geckodriver

If `$BIN_LOCATION` is on the system path, it should be possible to run the integration tests.

So, assuming the use of pipenv:
If `$BIN_LOCATION` is on the system path, and the development server is
running, it should be possible to run the integration tests.

pipenv run python

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