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Go is very particular about the layout of a source tree and the source repository,
as it relies on this in the naming of packages.
Developers familiar with [`$GOPATH`]( -- or on OS's that don't support soft links --
may prefer to `go get` and
run github commands (branching and adding remote forks) in the that subdir
under `$GOPATH/src`. However for new users we recommend the instructions here
setting up Go to work against a normal checked-out project (not under the `GOPATH`).

First ensure that your `GOPATH` is set, for example:
If you're familiar with Go and just want to develop the `br` tool itself you may simply work in your usual `GOPATH`,
using `go get` and adding your own fork as a remote.
If you know `glide` then you probably know what to do and can ignore these instructions;
`br` is built just like any other Go project.

If you're new to Go and you want to work on the CLI alongside non-Go components in Apache Brooklyn,
then the common Go setup -- where code lives under the `GOPATH` -- may be tedious to work with.
A good pattern is to have the requisite `GOPATH` entry linking to the `brooklyn-client` project
elsewhere on disk, so you have just one copy in the usual space and there is no need to touch the `GOPATH` thereafter.
This is the recommended default described by the instructions below.

First ensure that a `GOPATH` is set; this is where Go will store its files.
`~/go` is the default, and `~/.go` is acceptable also. For example:

export GOPATH=$HOME/go

These instructions assume you have `brooklyn-client` checked out and are
These instructions now assume that you have `brooklyn-client` checked out and are
in the `cli` subdirectory, where this file resides.
Tell Go to use this checked-out folder by linking to it under `GOPATH`:
Tell Go to use this checked-out project by linking to it under `GOPATH`:

rm -rf $GOPATH/src/

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