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Add comment about the use of system property
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tbouron committed May 30, 2018
1 parent 2962a16 commit 62d4275766b7854ebf518013897be60c5adcfe5e
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@@ -90,6 +90,9 @@ export EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Dbrooklyn.location.localhost.address= ${EXTRA_

# Set the DNS TTL for the JVM
# By default, java does not refresh DNS records, ever. This is due to the default value of networkaddress.cache.ttl set to -1, i.e. cache forever.
# However, networkaddress.cache.ttl is not a system property, but a security property. It cannot be updated through from the JVM.
# But, using the old system property has the desirable effect (see:

# Set the TLS protocol versions

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