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remove the properties section from this file. they are all pulled in …
…from the parent (brooklyn-server/pom.xml).

(except for jackson which we don't want to declare as we don't use it.)

sidebar comment, i now tend to the opinion that we *don't* want this.  downstream projects should define their own workflow.
the main value is ensuring versions are compatible but that is something we can/should handle a different way.
(simple way, just by running the license-audit plugin and eyeball anything with multiple versions...)
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ahgittin committed Mar 29, 2016
1 parent ab03540 commit e8395730159c22759e14044e61836fdc4f931739
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 32 deletions.
@@ -40,38 +40,6 @@
or that contribute additional functionality to Brooklyn.

<!-- Compilation -->

<!-- Testing -->
<includedTestGroups />

<!-- Dependencies -->
<brooklyn.version>0.9.0-SNAPSHOT</brooklyn.version> <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION -->
<jclouds.groupId>org.apache.jclouds</jclouds.groupId> <!-- JCLOUDS_GROUPID_VERSION -->

<!-- versions should match those used by Brooklyn, to avoid conflicts -->
<jclouds.version>1.9.2</jclouds.version> <!-- JCLOUDS_VERSION -->
<slf4j.version>1.6.6</slf4j.version> <!-- used for java.util.logging jul-to-slf4j interception -->
<jackson.version>1.9.13</jackson.version> <!-- codehaus jackson, used by brooklyn rest server -->
<fasterxml.jackson.version>2.4.5</fasterxml.jackson.version> <!-- more recent jackson, but not compatible with old annotations! -->
<groovy.version>2.3.7</groovy.version> <!-- Version supported by -->


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