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use correct case for Brooklyn-Catalog-* manifest headers
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ahgittin committed Nov 4, 2017
1 parent 4e5a532 commit 31eda46b073c2dbfd334fed5a3d59361793832b8
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@@ -14,23 +14,23 @@ not compatible with the newer version of Brooklyn.

To add these definitions, use the following headers in the bundle's OSGi `META-INF/MANIFEST.MF`:

* `brooklyn-catalog-force-remove-bundles`
* `brooklyn-catalog-force-remove-legacy-items`
* `brooklyn-catalog-upgrade-for-bundles`
* `brooklyn-catalog-upgrade-for-types`
* `Brooklyn-Catalog-Force-Remove-Bundles`
* `Brooklyn-Catalog-Force-Remove-Legacy-Items`
* `Brooklyn-Catalog-Upgrade-For-Bundles`
* `Brooklyn-Catalog-Upgrade-For-Types`

The most common patterns are to indicate that a bundle can replace all previous versions of itself
and all types thereing with types in the current bundle of the same name, using:

brooklyn-catalog-upgrade-for-bundles: *
Brooklyn-Catalog-Upgrade-For-Bundles: *

And you can indicate that previous bundles should be uninstalled, forcing the above upgrades,

brooklyn-catalog-force-remove-bundles: *
Brooklyn-Catalog-Force-Remove-Bundles: *

The above items can also take a range syntax, e.g. `"*:[1,2)"` when releasing a `2.0.0` to restrict to

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