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Closes #259
Use script

In brooklyn classic, one could run `brooklyn generate-password --user ...`. However, that is not possible in brooklyn karaf.

This updates the docs to tell people to use ``, which we'll need from 1.0.0 (as we'll delete the brooklyn classic distro entirely).

Please first review/merge apache/brooklyn-dist#122
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duncangrant committed Jun 21, 2018
2 parents e1db373 + 96265e5 commit 866ea4ba4bca2509fa159dac225447ee31cee9d5
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The `users` line should contain a comma-separated list. The special value `*` is accepted to permit all users.

To generate this, the brooklyn CLI can be used:
To generate this, there is a script shipped with Brooklyn:

brooklyn generate-password --user admin
./bin/ --user admin
Enter password:
Re-enter password:
Please add the following to your brooklyn.properies:
Please add the following to your etc/brooklyn.cfg:

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