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## Debugging Tips

To debug Brooklyn, create a launch configuration which launches the ``BrooklynJavascriptGuiLauncher`` class. NOTE: You may
need to add additional projects or folders to the classpath of the run configuration (e.g. add the brooklyn-software-nosql
project if you wish to deploy a MongoDBServer). You will also need to ensure that the working directory is set to the jsgui
folder. For IntelliJ, you can set the 'Working directory' of the Run/Debug Configuration to ``$MODULE_DIR$/../jsgui``. For
Eclipse, use the default option of ``${workspace_loc:brooklyn-jsgui}``.

To debug the jsgui (the Brooklyn web console), you will need to build Brooklyn with -DskipOptimization to prevent the build from minifying the javascript.
When building via the command line, use the command ``mvn clean install -DskipOptimization``, and if you are using IntelliJ IDEA, you can add the option
to the Maven Runner by clicking on the Maven Settings icon in the Maven Projects tool window and adding the ``skipOptimization`` property with no value.

When running at the command line you can enable remote connections so that one can attach a debugger to the Java process:
Run Java with the following on the command line or in JAVA_OPTS: ``-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005``

To debug a brooklyn instance that has been run with the above JAVA_OPTS, create a remote build configuration (IntelliJ -
Run | Edit Configurations | + | Remote) with the default options, ensuring the port matches the address specified in JAVA_OPTS.
To debug Brooklyn, you have 2 solutions:

1. **Launch the REST server + each UI module manually**
Create a launch configuration which launches the ``BrooklynJavascriptGuiLauncher`` class. This will launch only the REST API.
If you need the UI on top of it, you can create launch configuration for each of the UI module by calling `npm run start`.
See `` files on each UI modules for more information about this.

2. **Launch the fully built karaf distribution, attached to a Java debugger**
First, you need to build the entire project. Then, create a launch configuration that will execute `brooklyn-dist/karaf/apache-brooklyn/target/assembly/bin/karaf`
and have the following Java Options: `JAVA_OPTS="-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,address=,server=y,suspend=y`.
Create a second launch configuration to start the remote debugger on port `8888`. When you start the first launch configuration,
it will wait for the Java remote debugger to start. At that point, start the second launch configuration, the first will then
resume as usual. This will give you a fully built Brooklyn including REST server and UI.

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