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Describe authentication in brooklyn.libraries
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sjcorbett committed Dec 19, 2017
1 parent e2711a9 commit bc0b1d871494f122a548cbf8c6609fa2fc1ebcf6
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@@ -158,6 +158,9 @@ brooklyn.libraries:
- name: "symbolic-name"
version: "1.0"
url: ""
username: $brooklyn:external("myprovider", "username")
password: $brooklyn:external("myprovider", "password")
The only mandatory property in the long form is `url`. Brooklyn will skip the download when a bundle with matching `name` and `version` is already installed.

@@ -167,6 +170,11 @@ whenever a bundle is reloaded in a Brooklyn server,
and if entities have been deployed against that version, their behavior may change in subtle or potentially incompatible ways.
To avoid this situation, it is highly recommended to use OSGi version stamps as part of the URL.

Specify `auth` if the resource at `url` requires authentication to access.
Do not write the username and password directly into the file; instead
use [external configuration]({{}}/ops/
to reference the values.

A URL to another catalog file to include, inheriting the meta from the current hierarchy.
Libraries defined so far in the meta will be used to load classpath entries. `include` must be used

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