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Merge pull request #283 from tbouron/feature/test-case-finally
Update documentation to match new parameters for TestCase entity
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duncangrant committed Apr 9, 2019
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The `ParallelTestCase` entity can be added as a child to run a subset of entities in parallel as a single step.

#### Parameters

- `on.error.spec` - Spec of entity to instantiate (and start, if startable) if the test-case fails
- `on.finally.spec` - Spec of entity to instantiate (and start, if startable) after a test-case either passes or fails
- `continueOnFailure` - Whether to continue executing subsequent children if an earlier child fails

### ParallelTestCase
The `ParallelTestCase` entity acts as a container for a list of child entities which are started in *parallel*.

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