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This closes #65
Updating port inferencing documentation
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sjcorbett committed May 20, 2016
2 parents d766a18 + ad61cbc commit fe774fcdf0042e13605441f8b4c30461e598c460
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@@ -75,6 +75,10 @@ In addition, any such config key will be opened,
irrespective of whether it matches the `inboundPorts.configRegex`.
To prevent any inferencing of ports to open, you can set the config `inboundPorts.autoInfer` to `false`.

Furthermore, the port inferencing capability takes in account static `ConfigKey` fields that
are defined on any Entity sub-class. So, `ConfigKey` fields that are based on `PortRanges` type will
be also included as required open ports.

Note that in the example above, `netcat.port` must be specified in a `brooklyn.config` block.
This block can be used to hold any config (including for example the `launch.command`),
but for convenience Brooklyn allows config keys declared on the underlying type

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