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It supports blueprints in YAML or Java, and deploys them to many clouds and other target environments.
It monitors those deployments, maintains a live model, and runs autonomic policies to maintain their health.

For more information see **[](**.
For more information visit **[ ]( )**,
where you'll find:
* **[ Pre-built binaries ]( )**
* **[ Getting Started instructions ]( )**
* **[ A Product Tour ](**

### To Build
### Quick Start

This is the uber-repo. To build the product, ensure that the other `brooklyn-*` projects are checked out,
currently as *siblings* to this directory (but with a notion to make them submodules), and then:
This is the uber-repo. To build the entire codebase,
get this project and its sub-modules:

git clone
cd brooklyn
git submodule init
git submodule update --remote --merge --recursive

And then:

mvn clean install

This creates a build in `brooklyn-dist/usage/dist/target/brooklyn-dist`. Run with `bin/brooklyn launch`.
The results are in `brooklyn-dist/usage/dist/target/`.
To run, you might:

pushd brooklyn-dist/usage/dist/target/brooklyn-dist/brooklyn/
bin/brooklyn launch

### Resources

The **[developer guide](**
has more information about the source code.
The developer guide [for this version 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT]( <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION --> contains more detail on:
* working with **[source code](** <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION -->
* using **[git sub-modules](** effectively <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION -->
* **[avoiding](** sub-modules <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION -->
* **[project structure](** <!-- BROOKLYN_VERSION -->
* the **[people](** behind Apache Brooklyn

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