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@@ -83,26 +83,6 @@ <h1>History</h1>
Downloads are available on the
<a href="/downloads/">downloads page</a>.</p>

<h2 id="v1-31-0">
<a href="">1.31.0</a> / 2022-MM-DD</h2>

<h4 id="breaking-1-31-0">Breaking Changes</h4>

<li>[<a href="">CALCITE-4936</a>]
Generalize <code class="highlighter-rouge">FilterCalcMergeRule</code>/<code class="highlighter-rouge">ProjectCalcMergeRule</code> to accept any <code class="highlighter-rouge">Filter</code>/<code class="highlighter-rouge">Project</code>/<code class="highlighter-rouge">Calc</code> operator</li>

<h4 id="new-features-1-31-0">New features</h4>

<h4 id="fixes-1-31-0">Bug-fixes, API changes and minor enhancements</h4>

<h4 id="build-1-31-0">Build and test suite</h4>

<h4 id="dependency-1-31-0">Dependency version upgrade</h4>

<h4 id="site-1-31-0">Web site and documentation</h4>

<h2 id="v1-30-0">
<a href="">1.30.0</a> / 2022-03-20</h2>

@@ -846,9 +846,10 @@ <h2 id="making-a-release-candidate">Making a release candidate</h2>
<li><code class="highlighter-rouge">./gradlew testSlow</code></li>
<li>Add release notes to <code class="highlighter-rouge">site/_docs/</code>. Include the commit history,
and say which versions of Java, Guava and operating systems the release is
tested against.</li>
<li>Add release notes to <code class="highlighter-rouge">site/_docs/</code>. If release notes already exist for the version to be released, but
are commented out, remove the comments (``). Include the commit history,
names of people who contributed to the release, and say which versions of Java, Guava and operating systems the
release is tested against.</li>
<li>Make sure that
<a href="">
every “resolved” JIRA case</a> (including duplicates) has

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