Updated Oct 11, 2018

Camel an related JVM technologies

Camel K UI

Updated Oct 9, 2018

The Camel K UI will help improving the user experience of integration developers by providing a minimal web IDE powered by a language server

Knative as target platform

Updated Dec 11, 2018

Knative one of the most important target platforms that we need to support in Camel K

Support Helm

Updated Oct 9, 2018

Helm will enable deployments on various CI/CD platforms, including Jenkins X.


Updated Dec 6, 2018

Traits are the internal mechanism to "toggle" and configure high-level features

One second to deploy and redeploy

Updated Nov 23, 2018

We want to perform builds in a optimized way for Camel in order to be able to see integrations running in one second and redeploy the changes in one second.