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Apache Camel Karavan

Apache Camel Karavan is a Low-Code Data Integration Platform It simplifies the Apache Camel experience and accelerates developer performance by visually designing and rapidly deploying integration microservices.

  • Full power of Apache Camel through Visual Tool
  • From Low-code use-cases to Pro-code projects
  • Powered by 10+ years of Community Intelligence

Apache Camel Karavan



  • Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • 300+ Integration Components
  • REST API designer with OpenAPI to REST DSL generator
  • YAML for Integration and Java custom code

Topology view


Route designer


REST API designer



  • Simple shell scripts for build and deploy
  • Configuration
  • Predefined customizable scripts for different platforms

Developer Dashboard

  • Hot Reload
  • View live logs during development
  • Tracing Exchange Data



Apache Camel Karavan components:

  1. Karavan app acts as the central interface for the platform, allowing users to manage and orchestrate their integration projects.
  2. Build Container started by the Karavan app to run integrations in developer mode (dev-mode), package and deploy integrations.
  3. Integration microservices delivered by the platform.
  4. Git repository stores all essential project files, including integration YAML configurations,, container configurations, deployment resources, and templates. It is considered the source of truth for the applications.
  5. An Image Registry is used by the Apache Camel Karavan to store container images that are generated during the build process.



Karavan provides VS Code extension for local developer experience


How to install on

Developer guide


If you haven't done so yet, please be sure to download Karavan and give it a try. We're excited to receive your feedback and learn about your experiences!