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Initial camel performance
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## Camel Performance - Timer Log

This is a small demo application that is used for cpu and memory profiling the
internal Camel routing engine.

The demo uses a timer to trigger 1000 msg/sec that gets routed by Camel.
The demo does not use any networking or external services. This is on purpose
to focus profiling the internals of Camel - more specific the routing engine.

### Profiling

The demo can be run with `mvn camel:run` or by running the ``
main class (from an IDE you can right-click this file and Run...).

A profile such as _YourKit_ or _JDK mission control_ can be attached to
the running application and manually profiled.

The application can be configured in `` such as
the functionality to turn on|off the pooling of exchanges (and other objects).

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