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Apache Camel extensions for Quarkus

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What is this

This project hosts the efforts to port and package the 300+ Camel components as Quarkus extensions.

Apache Camel is the Swiss knife of integrating heterogeneous systems with more than a decade of history and a lively community of users and developers.

Quarkus is a Java platform offering fast boot times and low memory footprint. It targets both stock JVMs (OpenJDK in the first place) and GraalVM.

Quarkus extensions are units of Quarkus distribution. They configure, boot and integrate a technology (in our case Camel components) into your Quarkus application. You will typically use them as dependencies in your project.

How to build

See the contributor guide in the source tree or on the Apache Camel website.


This software is licensed under the terms you may find in the file named LICENSE.txt in this directory.