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= Apache Camel extensions for Quarkus

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image:["Licensed under Apache License version 2.0", link=""]
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== What is this

This project hosts the efforts to port and package the 280+ Camel components as Quarkus extensions.
@@ -14,6 +20,39 @@[Quarkus extensions] are units of Quarkus distribu
a technology (in our case Camel components) into your Quarkus application. You will typically use them as dependencies
in your project.

== How to build


* Java 8
* Maven 3.5.4+ or you can use the provided Maven Wrapper, a.k.a. `mvnw`
* GraalVM
** Check link:.travis.yml[.travis.yml] for the version and steps to install
** Set the `GRAALVM_HOME` environment variable to point at the root directory of your GraalVM installation

Fast build without tests:

./mvnw clean install -DskipTests

Build with tests only in JVM mode:

./mvnw clean install

Build with tests in JVM mode and native mode:

./mvnw clean install -Dnative -Dnative-image.xmx=5g

== Licensing

This software is licensed under the terms you may find in the file named `LICENSE.txt` in this directory.

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