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Contributing to Apache Camel

First of all, thank you for having an interest in contributing to Apache Camel. If this is your first contribution to Camel, please review the guidelines for contributing to Camel and its related projects.

Then follow these simple guidlines for working on the code and committing your changes.

  • Fork and then clone the github camel repository:

    git clone

  • Build the project using maven:

    mvn clean install -Pfastinstall

  • Add a unit test with assertions for your changes.

  • Run checkstyle using the sourcecheck profile in maven:

    mvn clean install -Psourcecheck

  • Check the documentation (.adoc file) for the code which you have modified and update it if required. For example if you have added or modified a component, the documentation file is in the src/main/docs folder.

  • Write a commit messsage which references the related JIRA or Github issue and includes some detail of your changes.

  • Push to your fork and create a pull request.

  • Stay engaged, follow and respond to comments or questions you might be asked by the Camel team.