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Spring Cloud and ServiceCall EIP Example

This example show how to use Camel with ServiceCall EIP with spring-cloud and consul.

This example includes two maven modules:

  • service that exposes a number of services

  • consumer that consumes services


The consumer is configured in the src/main/resources/


You can build this example using

mvn compile

Run the example

Using multiple shells:

  • start consul:

    $ cd services
    $ src/main/bash/    (for linux)
    $ src/main/bash/      (for mac osx)
  • start the service:

    $ cd service
    $ mvn spring-boot:run
  • start the consumer

    $ cd consumer
    $ mvn spring-boot:run

Test the example:

In a new shell:

$ curl localhost:8080/camel/serviceCall/service1
Hi!, I'm service-1 on camel-1/route1
$ curl localhost:8080/camel/serviceCall/service2
Hi!, I'm service-1 on camel-1/route2

If you keep calling the http endpoint you’ll notice they are consumed using a round robin policy and that only the services matching specific tags are consumed.

Web console

You can open the Consul web console


Where you can find information about the services and its state.

More information

You can find more information about Apache Camel at the website: