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Camel Example Rest Producer

This example shows how to call a REST service using Camel Rest.

The example uses a timer to trigger a Camel route to call the REST service. The REST service is embedded within Spring Boot itself so it can run standalone.

Camel routes

The Camel route is located in the RestRoute class. In this class the route starts from a timer, that triggers every 2nd second and calls the REST service using the rest endpoint which returns a message, that is logged.

Configuring Rest

The rest producer is configured using Camels Rest DSL which is done using the restConfiguration in the route. The actual HTTP client that is used to call the REST service is camel-http4 which is added as dependency in the pom.xml file. You can use other HTTP clients with the REST producer such as

  • camel-http

  • camel-netty4-http

  • camel-jetty

  • camel-restlet

  • camel-undertow

How to run

You can run this example using

mvn spring-boot:run

More information

You can find more information about Apache Camel at the website: http://camel.apache.org/