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Merge pull request #1150 from riptano/empty-notes-attr
default to empty notes field
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mambocab committed Aug 4, 2016
2 parents af0f32c + da64afa commit 1fbcb57dbe3d2cd244021c689b6e10c47caf15c3
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ def tag_and_skip(decorated):
return tagging_decorator

def known_failure(failure_source, jira_url, flaky=False, notes=None):
def known_failure(failure_source, jira_url, flaky=False, notes=''):
Tag a test as a known failure. Associate it with the URL for a JIRA
ticket and tag it as flaky or not.
@@ -401,8 +401,8 @@ def wrapper(f):
if flaky:
tagged_func = attr('known_flaky')(tagged_func)
if notes:
tagged_func = attr(failure_notes=notes)(tagged_func)

tagged_func = attr(failure_notes=notes)(tagged_func)
return tagged_func
return wrapper

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