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Fixed name of CEO in Changelog #13
patch by Erick Ramirez; reviewed by Ekaterina Dimitrova for CASSANDRA-17418
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ErickRamirezAU committed Mar 5, 2022
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@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ If you’d like to learn more about Harry, you can read Petrov’s xref:blog/Har
Kinetic Data developed a low-code system, a forms and workflow engine built on top of Apache Cassandra, where, for example, users can define a form with drag and drop fields and store the data in Cassandra.

"Once it's set up and running it’s hands off. Quite frankly, it's easy from an operations perspective [...] so our customers, they're using Cassandra, but they don't really realize it [...]. But they do say, ‘it's always up. It's always fast.’ It's all these benefits that you really want the end-user to know about."
-- Joe Sundberg, CEO of Kinetic Data
-- John Sundberg, CEO of Kinetic Data

_Do you have a Cassandra case study to share? Email

@@ -108,4 +108,4 @@ xref:blog/Behind-the-scenes-of-an-Apache-Cassandra-Release.adoc[Behind the Scene[Fast General Purpose Transactions in Apache Cassandra^] - Benedict Elliott Smith[Leveraging Virtual Tables in Apache Cassandra 4.0^] - Aaron Ploetz[Leveraging Virtual Tables in Apache Cassandra 4.0^] - Aaron Ploetz

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