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BLOG - Kinetic Data chooses Apache Cassandra to deliver workflow auto…
…mation solution

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=== Kinetic Data chooses Apache Cassandra to deliver workflow automation solution
==== March 31, 2022
Read our latest user case study. When it came to building a new platform, Kinetic Data chose Apache Cassandra as the database for building its workflow automation solution.

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xref:blog/Kinetic-Data-chooses-Apache-Cassandra-to-deliver-workflow-automation-solution.adoc[Read More]

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= Kinetic Data chooses Apache Cassandra to deliver workflow automation solution
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:page-post-date: March 31, 2022
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.Image credit:[Lukas Tennie^] on Unsplash

For the blog this week, we’re highlighting the recently published Cassandra case study from Kinetic Data, a provider of enterprise workflow automation software.

Apache Cassandra is trusted by thousands of companies and not all of them operate on a global scale. The release of Cassandra 4.0 brought many xref:blog/Apache-Cassandra-4.0-Overview.adoc[improvements] to consistency, speed, latency and much more that has seen it adopted by a wide variety of businesses seeking rock-solid stability from a noSQL distributed database.

The company’s Kinetic Platform is built on top of Apache Cassandra. With Global 2000 clients and government customers, Kinetic Data can and does operate at scale, for example, automating the acquisition of over $4 billion worth of equipment orders for DISA, a U.S. Department of Defense combat support agency, and helping to onboard 1,000 new students a month at a training hospital, but not every client needs that: “I always hear these super-big data stories", says John Sundberg, President of Kinetic Data.”‘Oh, we have 180 billion records of this or that.’ In our case, it’s more human quantities and smaller numbers, but you don’t have to have 40 billion records for Apache Cassandra to be the right choice for you.”

=== Apache Cassandra appeal

Sundberg cites features including automatic failover, load balancing, and replication as key reasons for choosing Cassandra as it eliminated many headaches for the company and its customers. Sunderberg also says the fact Cassandra is open source was appealing as it reduced the friction for clients as they would not have to wrestle with licensing concerns.

You can read more about the xref:case-studies/Kinetic-Data.adoc[Kinetic Data case study here]

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