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### Cassandra installation tools
* [Docker community Cassandra images]( Docker images for Apache Cassandra maintained by the Docker community
* [DataStax Desktop]( Cross-platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) application that allows developers to quickly explore Apache Cassandra™ with a few clicks on their laptop, complete with tutorials and walkthroughs.
* [K8ssandra]( K8ssandra provides a production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes, including automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backups, and monitoring.
* [The Last Pickle tlp-cluster]( tlp-cluster, a tool for launching Cassandra clusters in AWS (DataStax)

### Cassandra tools

* []( Curated site with tools, along with [](
* [Adelphi]( Authomation tool for testing open-source Cassandra using cassandra-diff, nosqlbench, and fqltool.
* []( Curated site with tools, along with [](
* [Cassandra Prometheus Exporter]( Standalone application which exports Cassandra metrics through a prometheus friendly endpoint
* [DataStax Bulk Loader]( Easy-to-use command line utility for loading and unloading JSON or CSV files to/from the database, counting rows in tables and identifying large partitions.
* [DataStax Metrics Collector for Cassandra]( Based on Collectd, aggregates OS and Cassandra metrics along with diagnostic events to facilitate problem resolution and remediation
@@ -33,6 +35,7 @@ Snap it into your existing workflows with the click of a button, automate away t
* [The Last Pickle Reaper]( Automated repair tool for Apache Cassandra (DataStax)
* [The Last Pickle Cassandra stress tool, tlp-stress]( A workload-centric stress tool for Apache Cassandra. Designed for simplicity, no math degree required. (DataStax)
* [NoSQLBench]( Pluggable benchmarking suite for Cassandra and other distributed systems
* [Stargate]( Open source data gateway providing Document, REST, and GraphQL APIs to Apache Cassandra.

### Cassandra Kubernetes operators

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