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BLOG - ApacheCon NA 2022 Call For Papers Open
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=== ApacheCon NA 2022 Call For Papers Open
==== April 7, 2022
Here is a great opportunity to contribute to the project. ApacheCon NA 2022 Call For Papers is open!

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xref:blog/ApacheCon-NA-2022-Call-for-Papers-Open.adoc[Read More]

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= ApacheCon NA 2022 Call For Papers Open
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:page-post-date: April 7, 2022
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:description: ApacheCon North America 2022 CFP open

image::blog/apachecon-logo-800x235.png[ApacheCon logo]

If you have been looking for ways to contribute to the Cassandra project, here is a great opportunity.[ApacheCon NA] will be hosting two days of Cassandra-focused tracks, and the community needs your story!

* *What*:[ApacheCon North America 2022]
* *Where*: Sheraton Hotel, Canal Street, New Orleans
* *When*: October 3-6, 2022
The[Call for Papers] is open until Sunday, May 22, 2022, 5:01 PM GMT-0700, and you can find the link here:

== What kind of talks are needed?

General guidelines for talks are anything related to *developing*, *using*, or *deploying* Apache Cassandra. That covers many areas, so if you are reading this, you probably have something you can talk about.

* Worked on a feature or a bug-fix? Let's hear about it.
* Is your application using Cassandra? Tell us how you built it.
* Upgraded your clusters to 4.x? Share some tips for new admins.

Sharing and helping others is one of the most valuable contributions to the Apache Cassandra community. We can’t say we are a community without it.

The hardest part of submitting a talk is believing you have something to talk about and the community is here to help. Join us on xref:community.adoc#discussions[the mailing list or ASF Slack], #cassandra-events channel, and feel free to ask about any ideas you have, and we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you to get your CFP submission ready.

== Need some inspiration?

Here are some talks from previous ApacheCon events. Take a look and get inspired to tell your story. If you have been in the community for years or are brand new, we value every level of experience.

==== Making Cassandra Faster in Cloud-native architecture

*Subrata Ashe*, Senior Software Engineer @ Salesforce


==== Cassandra Data Migration with Dual Write Proxy

*German Eichberger*, Principal Software Engineer @ Microsoft


==== How Netflix Provisions Optimal Cloud Deployments of Cassandra

*Joey Lynch*, Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix


==== Cassandra powered workflows to automate at scale

*Maciej Swiderski*, Creator @ Automatiko


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