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Update instructions for testing with your own CCM branch
patch by Ekaterina Dimitrova, reviewed by Josh McKenzie and Berenguer Blasi for CASSANDRA-17182
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ekaterinadimitrova2 committed Jan 26, 2022
1 parent d31287a commit ea04202b1da227d04acab55ab3bccee39e89a48d
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@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ test Cassandra via[CCM] verifying
operation results, logs, and cluster state. Python Distributed tests are
Cassandra version agnostic. They include upgrade tests.

In case you want to run DTests with your own version of CCM, please refer to requirements.txt in[apache/cassandra-dtest] how to do it.

The recipes for running those tests can be found in the cassandra-builds repository[here].

Running full test suites locally takes hours, if not days. Beyond running specific tests you know are applicable, or are failing, to the work at hand, it is recommended to rely upon the project's[Continuous Integration systems]. If you are not a committer, and don't have access to a premium CircleCI plan, ask one of the committers to test your patch on the project's[].

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