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Commits on Aug 1, 2015
  1. @jasobrown

    Add transparent data encryption core classes

    jasobrown authored
    patch by jasobrown, reviewed by snazy for CASSANDRA-9945
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @iamaleksey
  2. @snazy

    Bytecode inspection for Java-UDFs

    snazy authored
    patch by Robert Stupp; reviewed by T Jake Luciani for CASSANDRA-9890
  3. @jbellis
  4. @blambov @iamaleksey

    Stop accessing the partitioner directly via StorageService

    blambov authored iamaleksey committed
    Changes the way the partitioner is accessed. Partitioner is now stored
    and accessed according to the reason for needing it:
    * if it is to access a table / prepare a statement, the partitioner
    relevant to this table can be found in its CFMetaData.
    * if it is to route messages to the relevant member of the cluster, the
    partitioner in TokenMetadata is to be used.
    patch by Branimir Lambov; reviewed by Aleksey Yeschenko for
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @yukim

    ScrubTest should generate out-of-order SSTable on the fly

    yukim authored
    with some other ScrubTest fixes.
    patch by yukim; reviewed by Stefania Alborghetti for CASSANDRA-9880
  2. @iamaleksey

    Ninja fix table names

    iamaleksey authored
  3. @tjake

    ninja fix formatting

    tjake authored
  4. @krummas
  5. @krummas

    DTCS should not group sstables for anticompaction

    krummas authored
    Patch by marcuse; reviewed by yukim for CASSANDRA-9900
  6. @belliottsmith
  7. @yukim
  8. @yukim
  9. @pauloricardomg @yukim

    Ensure atomicity inside thrift and stream session

    pauloricardomg authored yukim committed
    patch by Paulo Motta; reviewed by yukim for CASSANDRA-7757
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @tjake
  2. @tjake

    Revert "Revert "Fix build, bump version""

    tjake authored
    This reverts commit ce3d9af.
  3. @tjake

    Revert "Revert "Materialized Views""

    tjake authored
    This reverts commit 24d185d.
  4. @jbellis

    Revert "Materialized Views"

    jbellis authored
    This reverts commit 3bdcaa3.
  5. @jbellis

    Revert "Fix build, bump version"

    jbellis authored
    This reverts commit b93f05d.
  6. @tjake

    Fix build, bump version

    tjake authored
  7. @carlyeks @tjake

    Materialized Views

    carlyeks authored tjake committed
    patch by carl; reviewed by jmckenzie for CASSANDRA-6477
  8. @yukim
  9. @yukim

    Fix broken internode SSL

    yukim authored
    patch by yukim; reviewed by Jason Brown for CASSANDRA-9884
  10. @iamaleksey

    Revert "Revert "Expand use of vints""

    iamaleksey authored
    This reverts commit 59a2861.
  11. @aweisberg @iamaleksey

    Fix little endian handling by NIODataInputStream.readVInt()

    aweisberg authored iamaleksey committed
    patch by Ariel Weisberg; reviewed by Aleksey Yeschenko for
  12. @krummas

    Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk

    krummas authored
  13. @krummas

    Merge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2

    krummas authored
  14. @krummas

    Fix handling of enable/disable autocompaction.

    krummas authored
    Patch by marcuse; reviewed by Jeremiah Jordan for CASSANDRA-9899
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. @yukim
  2. @yukim
  3. @yukim
  4. @yukim

    Don't track hotness when opening from snapshot for validation

    yukim authored
    patch by yukim; reveiwed by benedict for CASSANDRA-9382
  5. @jbellis

    Revert "Expand use of vints"

    jbellis authored
    This reverts commit a59be26.
  6. @belliottsmith

    Permit disabling commit log segment recycling, and disable by default

    belliottsmith authored
    patch by benedict; reviewed by driftx for CASSANDRA-9896
  7. @belliottsmith

    fix build

    belliottsmith authored
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