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Cayenne Modeler Prototype

A more modern version of Cayenne Modeler

Project Goals

Why re-write Cayenne Modeler? While Cayenne Modeler is stable and works well, it is also built upon older technologies that make it harder to augment. The goal of this prototype project is to preserve everything that is good about Cayenne Modeler feature-wise, while upgrading the underlying technologies and features:

  • Use JavaFX and Scene Builder for a more modern core and easier UI development.
  • Add JavaDoc support for all generated Java classes, getters/setters, and relationships.
  • Add support for interfaces.
  • Add custom annotation support for all generated Java classes, getters/setters, and relationships.
  • Add custom imports for all generated classes (mainly to support custom annotations).
  • Add custom Velocity template editing and management.
  • Add multiple window support so multiple projects, including the same project, can be open at the same time.


This project is about 15-20% finished.


What will it look like? Well, it has the same basic layout as the current Cayenne Modeler, but with upgrades.

The following screenshots show how the prototype is shaping up. They'll be updated as work progresses.

DataDomain Editor DataDomain

DataMap Editor DataMap

ObjEntity Class Editor Object Entity Class Tab

ObjEntity Attributes Editor Object Entity Attributes Tab

Multiple Window Data Synchronization Multiple Window Data Synchronization



The FontAwesomeFX library is used to provide icons from FontAwesome.


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