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Update the release process to include the usage of the Doxygen Jenkin…
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Also updated the page a little bit to reflect the new website structure / updating mechanism
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After these 24 hours the release can be announced.

### Announce the release
### Publish release documentation

After the release is available and tagged, the matching Doxygen documentation needs to be published.
The following Jenkins job can be used for that:

* Click on 'Build with parameters'
* In the `VERSION` field, enter the release number, e.g. `2.2.1`
* Because release documentation will be generated, also check the `RELEASE` checkbox.
* Click on the `BUILD` button.

A build will be started after which a new directory will be created [here](

Update website's News and Download sections to include the new release.
### Update the website

On the "Download" page, the old release can be replaced with the new one, there is no need to keep a link to archived versions.
The "News" section can simply be extended with an additional entry.
An important thing after the release has been created is updating the website.
The following needs to be updated:

* Update the `latestVersion` in the [config.toml]({{< site_src "config.toml" >}})
* If the release is a new minor or major version, the documentation for the previous version can be retained
by updating the [header.html]({{< site_src "layouts/partials/header.html" >}}) and adding the release number to the `Docs` dropdown.
* Update the `celix-src` submodule to the correct release tag
* Run the []({{< site_src "" >}}) script to copy the markdown documentation within the Celix code base
to the website.
* Verify whether the documentation is correctly copied & otherwise make some minor tweaks.
* Check-in the documentation and create a pull request to the [celix-site]({{< param "siteRepositoryUrl" >}}) repository for the Celix team to review.

Once the site is updated proceed with announcing the release.

### Announce the release

Additionally it is a good idea to post a message to "".

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