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Merge pull request #399 from PengZheng/tracker-improvements
Service tracker improvements
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PengZheng committed Mar 3, 2022
2 parents 0a6e55b + 3487376 commit 3b651daecc2e61cdcc00419cd537b5ec986a2472
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Showing 22 changed files with 832 additions and 650 deletions.
@@ -623,9 +623,7 @@ TEST_F(CxxBundleContextTestSuite, setServicesWithTrackerWhenMultipleRegistration

//TODO improve this. For now closing a tracker will inject other service before getting to nullptr.
//Also look into why this is not happening in the C service tracker test.
EXPECT_EQ(6, count.load());
EXPECT_EQ(2, count.load());

TEST_F(CxxBundleContextTestSuite, WaitForAllEvents) {

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