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Merge pull request #414 from xuzhenbao/fix_rsalist_race
Fix rsalist race
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PengZheng committed Apr 24, 2022
2 parents 99e1417 + f77abd8 commit cdf2c30eb11e7225cb6efc26de8ca9c2e6e2bb50
Showing 2 changed files with 387 additions and 371 deletions.
@@ -183,6 +183,8 @@ celix_status_t bundleActivator_start(void * userData, celix_bundle_context_t *co
celix_logHelper_log(activator->celix_logHelper, CELIX_LOG_LEVEL_INFO, "TOPOLOGY_MANAGER: endpoint listener scope is %s", scope);

celix_properties_t *props = celix_properties_create();
// topology manager should ingore itself endpoint listener service
celix_properties_set(props, "TOPOLOGY_MANAGER", "true");
celix_properties_set(props, (char *) OSGI_ENDPOINT_LISTENER_SCOPE, scope);

// We can release the scope, as celix_properties_set makes a copy of the key & value...

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