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Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS

Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS is a CMIS client library for Objective-C language.
The library is primarily targeted at iOS application development and aims to 
provide an interoperability API to CMIS based repositories.
However, as the base library is built on the Foundation.framework it can be used
for developing Mac OSX applications as well.

The ObjectiveCMIS library is distributed in two packages.

* The source package contains the source code of the library and the source code 
  of the unit tests as well as a XCode project.

* The binary package contains the library (libObjectiveCMIS.a), the public
  header files and the API documentation as a docset (generated using appledocs).

Minimum Requirements

The library is compatible with iOS v8.0 SDK and OS X v10.9 SDK or later.
For development we recommend the latest available version of Xcode and
iOS / Mac OSX SDKs.

How to include the library on your XCode project

The easiest way to include the ObjectiveCMIS library into your project is to
unzip the ObjectiveCMIS binary package.

Then go to the 'File' menu in XCode and select the 'Add Files to...' option.
Add the headers and library files contained in the ZIP distribution to your project:

* Make sure that the library is included in the list of frameworks/libraries.
  Select the build target and go to Build Phases. libObjectiveCMIS.a should be
  listed in the Link Binary with Libraries option.

* The CMIS headers should be included in the 'Copy Headers' section of Build Phases
  for your build target.