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CLEREZZA-1063: Fix code documentation in representation
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Hasan committed May 19, 2022
1 parent 2efbb1f commit f6449f0b8981df45c56c277091d657aca73be952
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@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@

* This singleton class provides a method <code>serialize</code> to transform a
* {@link ImmutableGraph} into serialized RDF forms.
* {@link Graph} into serialized RDF forms.
* Functionality is delegated to registered {@link SerializingProvider}s. Such
* <code>SerializingProvider</code>s can be registered and unregistered, later
* registered <code>SerializingProvider</code>s shadow previously registered
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@
public static final String X_TURTLE = "application/x-turtle";
public static final String N_TRIPLE = "application/n-triples";
* @deprecated: The mime-type for N Triples is "application/n-triples":
* @deprecated The mime-type for N Triples is "application/n-triples":
public static final String TEXT_RDF_NT = "text/rdf+nt";
public static final String N3 = "text/rdf+n3";

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