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Apache Open Climate Workbench

`Build Status`_ `Coverage Status`_ `Requirements Status`_ `Code Health`_
`PyPI`_ `Python Badge`_ `Anaconda-Server Badge`_ `Anaconda-Server
Downloads Badge`_ `Anaconda-Server Version Badge`_

.. image:: ./docs/source/ocw-logo-variant-sm-01-01-new.png
:width: 20px
:height: 100px
:scale: 50%
:alt: alternate text
:align: right

`Apache Open Climate Workbench`_ is an effort to develop software that
performs climate model evaluations using model outputs from a variety of
@@ -28,21 +42,64 @@ get up and running quickly with a fresh VM image for OCW work.
There are a number of examples in the *examples* directory to help users
get started with the toolkit API. If you have questions, the best way to
get help is to email the project mailing lists which can be found on the
[project’s community

.. _Build Status:
.. _Coverage Status:
.. _Requirements Status:
.. _Code Health:
.. _PyPI:
.. _Python Badge:
.. _Anaconda-Server Badge:
.. _Anaconda-Server Downloads Badge:
.. _Anaconda-Server Version Badge:
`project's community page`_


OCW always welcomes pull request. Please check the `Developer Area`_ on the wiki for additional information on how to contribute. The `project's JIRA`_ is a great place to start looking for issues to solve. Make sure to stop by the mailing lists and introduce yourself as well!


The project host the documentation built from the last release artifact on `the project website`_

If you would like to build the documentation for the project run the following command from the root of the repository:
cd docs && make html

You will need to have installed the project dependencies first. Checkout the `Getting Started`_ and `Easy OCW`_ pages for help getting the necessary dependencies installed.

.. |ImageLink| image::
.. _ImageLink:

.. |BuildStatus| image::
.. _BuildStatus:

.. |requires| image::
.. _requires:

.. |landscape| image::
.. _landscape:

.. |pypi| image::
.. _pypi:

.. |pythonbadge| image::
.. _pythonbadge:

.. |anacondainstaller| image::
.. _anacondainstaller:

.. |anacondadownload| image::
.. _anacondadownload:

.. |anacondaversion| image::
.. _anacondaversion:

.. _Apache Open Climate Workbench:
.. _project website:
.. _project’s wiki:
.. _Getting Started:
.. _Easy OCW:
.. _OCW VM:
.. _project's community page:
.. _Developer Area:
.. _project's JIRA:
.. _the project website:
.. _Getting Started:
.. _Easy OCW:

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