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include absolute bias
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prateekiiest committed Jun 23, 2018
1 parent 3a80408 commit 4fd7d4916f12757434fe4494940aac064ca24852
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@@ -281,6 +281,29 @@ def calc_bias(target_array, reference_array, average_over_time=False):
return ma.average(bias, axis=0)
return bias

def calc_absbias(target_array, reference_array, average_over_time=False):
''' Calculate absolute difference between two arrays
:param target_array: an array to be evaluated, as model output
:type target_array: :class:''
:param reference_array: an array of reference dataset
:type reference_array: :class:''
:param average_over_time: if True, calculated bias is averaged for the axis=0
:type average_over_time: 'bool'
:returns: Absolute Biases array of the target dataset
:rtype: :class:''

bias = abs(target_array - reference_array)
if average_over_time:
return ma.average(bias, axis=0)
return bias

def calc_stddev(array, axis=None):

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