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Prepare for 1.3.0 RC
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Apache Open Climate Workbench Change Log

# Release Notes - Apache Open Climate Workbench - Version 1.3.0
# Release Report -


[CLIMATE-529] - Verify that Nio dependency has been removed from mccsearch


[CLIMATE-338] - RCMED data source loads datasets improperly based on day attribute of time values
[CLIMATE-353] - Bounds doesn't cast input values into proper format
[CLIMATE-374] - UI runEvaluation doesn't use $window or $location for results transition
[CLIMATE-413] - Extend browser support for ocw-ui/frontend/config/karma.conf.js
[CLIMATE-480] - plotter.draw_subregions requires outdated subregion object
[CLIMATE-744] - Cannot load TRMM data from RCMED
[CLIMATE-756] - Error: Invalid LatLng object: (NaN, NaN) when queuing APHRODITE v.1101 precipitation for the Monsoon Asia domain from RCMED
[CLIMATE-790] - SSL errors in the esgf example
[CLIMATE-797] - Attribute error in mask_missing_data
[CLIMATE-826] - ValueError in
[CLIMATE-891] - Make (non-ESGF and pydap) examples script python 3 compatible
[CLIMATE-913] - Bugs in CLI
[CLIMATE-914] - Update dataset_processor.spatial_regrid module
[CLIMATE-915] - Updates for the NARCCAP example configuration files
[CLIMATE-917] - Bocumentation build error with Python3
[CLIMATE-919] - load_dataset_from_multiple_netcdf_files() does not have default variable units
[CLIMATE-922] - Optimize traversing in mccSearch
[CLIMATE-929] - Incorrect indices used for temporal subset after trimming
[CLIMATE-930] - multiple file loader forces 2D lats and lons
[CLIMATE-931] - Documentation build error - missing module
[CLIMATE-943] - TypeError: Cannot set property 'uiDateValidator' of undefined
[CLIMATE-945] - Grunt Errors On Build Task
[CLIMATE-946] - CORDEX script does not necessarily use correct interpreter when calling RCMES


[CLIMATE-924] - Changes to RCMES and ocw for CORDEX pilot project

New Feature

[CLIMATE-316] - Add ESGF Download Script to repository
[CLIMATE-366] - Add 'full' temporal rebin option to UI
[CLIMATE-426] - Create documentation for working with OCW in Eclipse
[CLIMATE-925] - CORDEX Config File Template
[CLIMATE-926] - Metadata Extractors
[CLIMATE-927] - RCMES script for running multiple evaluations


[CLIMATE-230] - Line colors in time series cycles through too few colors
[CLIMATE-348] - Add better default naming for local files
[CLIMATE-388] - Make UI backend 'parameters' endpoint more RESTful
[CLIMATE-465] - Add class level documentation to all OCW python examples
[CLIMATE-625] - Update draw_histogram and draw_marker_on_map documentation
[CLIMATE-626] - Update doc strings in Downscaling class
[CLIMATE-863] - Address warning, deprecation, etc. within Travis-CI log output
[CLIMATE-887] - test_get_netcdf_variable_names setUp to run only once for the test case
[CLIMATE-912] - Upgrade mccSearch code from Python2 > 3
[CLIMATE-920] - Make examples Python 3 compatible
[CLIMATE-928] - temporal_subset should trim edges of dataset times to ensure months divide evenly into years
[CLIMATE-938] - Unify format of the time information from a netCDF file


[CLIMATE-631] - Add documentation on ESGF credential issues
[CLIMATE-762] - Automate symlinking ocw-vm frontend to backend to allow for serving of files with bottle.
[CLIMATE-881] - Add podaacpy to ocw-conda-dependencies.txt

# Release Notes - Apache Open Climate Workbench - Version 1.2.0
# Release Report -

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Apache Open Climate Workbench
Copyright 2014 The Apache Software Foundation
Copyright 2018 The Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed at
The Apache Software Foundation (
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<download-page rdf:resource="" />
<category rdf:resource="" />
<name>Apache Open Climate Workbench 1.3.0</name>
<name>Apache Open Climate Workbench 1.2.0</name>

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