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@rhtyd rhtyd released this Mar 5, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release


v6.0.0 Release notes:

  • Rewrite in Go, ships as single binary for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Drop-in replacement for legacy Python-based cloudmonkey
  • About 5-20x faster than legacy cloudmonkey
  • Interactive UX for parameter and arg completion and selection
  • JSON is the default output format
  • New column based output
  • Enable debug mode using set debug true option, file-based logging removed
  • Per server profile based API cache
  • New syntax arg=@/path/to/file to pass the content of file as API argument value similar to curl
  • Improve help docs using -h argument
  • Removed: XML output, coloured output, several set options

Additional notes:

  • cmk will create a new config directory under ~/.cmk, allowing legacy cloudmonkey to be used as well.
  • cmk will store server profile specific API cache in the ~/.cmk/profiles directory.

Installation instruction for Linux/Mac OSX:

wget <file url>
chmod +x <cmk binary file>
mv <cmk binary file> /bin/cmk

Old docs:


usage: cmk [flags] [commands|apis] [-h]

CloudMonkey (cmk) 🐵 is a command line interface for Apache CloudStack.

Allowed flags:
  -h        Show this help message or API doc when specified after an API
  -v        Print version
  -o        API response output format: json, text, table, column, csv
  -p        Server profile
  -d        Enable debug mode

Default commands:
  exit      Exits
  help      Help
  set       Configures options for cmk
  sync      Discovers and updates APIs
  version   Version info

Version and build details:

Apache CloudStack 🐵 CloudMonkey 6.0.0 (build: 74ff37c, 2019-03-05T17:27:26+0530)

MD5 checksums:

e7ac29a9c5d54e65dbec7325a6f37637  cmk.linux.x86 (Linux Intel-x86 32-bit)
8d3288cfe33cb17aad4596d6b783f8b3  cmk.linux.x86-64 (Linux Intel-x86 64-bit)
b1bb34f3f96bccf44bcdd5f425e9017d  cmk.linux.arm32 (Linux ARM 32-bit)
a20f72642b5470e701d6b54a941d2196  cmk.linux.arm64 (Linux ARM 64-bit)
dfbf36b990c407095ee392e541b56329  cmk.darwin.x86-64 (Mac OSX Intel-x86 64-bit)
0ded9c5f8699c88918287adfdb7217f2 (Windows Intel-x86 64-bit)
3094e60ce6a28721ecc77655953e3fbf (Windows Intel-x86 32-bit)
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