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Merge pull request #17 from phillipkent/dev_add_urllib_safe_option
Add note in dev.rst about use of the safe option in urllib.quote_plus()
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rafaelweingartner committed Apr 24, 2018
2 parents efb830d + 152589e commit 849137d2ad7fb47e34a20c95bdc7781c553d1fd9
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@@ -249,6 +249,11 @@ Build the request string:
>>> request_str
.. note::
If you have API calls which contain * (asterisk) characters, you will need to add the option "safe = '*'" for the URL encoding.
The reason is that Python's urllib will encode * characters by default, while CloudStack's internal encoder does not encode them;
this results in an authentication failure for your API call. In the above you would replace "urllib.quote_plus(request[k])"
with "urllib.quote_plus(request[k], safe='*')".
Compute the signature with hmac, do a 64 bit encoding and a url

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