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overview of 4.3 features in progress
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@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@ under the License.
<xi:include href="Preface.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
<chapter id="welcome-4.3">
<title>Welcome to &PRODUCT; 4.3</title>
<para>Welcome to the 4.3 release of &PRODUCT;. This version is the first defect fix release of
&PRODUCT; in the 4.2.<emphasis role="italic">x</emphasis> line.</para>
<para>Welcome to the 4.3 release of &PRODUCT;. This version is the first feature release of
&PRODUCT; in the 4.3.<emphasis role="italic">x</emphasis> line.</para>
<para>This document contains information specific to this release of &PRODUCT;, including
upgrade instructions from prior releases, new features added to &PRODUCT;, API changes, and
issues fixed in the release. For installation instructions, please see the <ulink
@@ -437,6 +437,15 @@ under the License.
each hypervisor type. This feature is not supported in versions prior to XenServer
<section id="ha-db">
<title>Database High Availability</title>
<para>To help ensure high availability of the databases that store the internal data for
&PRODUCT;, you can set up database replication. This covers both the main &PRODUCT;
database and the Usage database. Replication is achieved using the MySQL connector
parameters and two-way replication. Tested with MySQL 5.1 and 5.5. Database replication in
&PRODUCT; is provided using the MySQL replication capabilities. The steps to set up
replication can be found in the MySQL documentation.</para>
<section id="new-ui">
<title>Enhanced &PRODUCT; UI</title>
<para>A complete UI makeover is implemented to enhance the usability and user experience in
@@ -445,6 +454,24 @@ under the License.
introduced to match with the Apache branding. </para>
<para>The current UI flow remains the same.</para>
<section id="alert-publish">
<title>Publishing Alert Using the Web ROOT Admin API</title>
<para>In previous releases of &PRODUCT; code alerts are generated for &PRODUCT; services
(Usage service)only if they run on the same host as the Management Server. A new API has
been introduced in 4.3 so that alerts are generated and published though the following
services run on a separate host:</para>
<para>Any new services added to &PRODUCT;.</para>
<para>Usage service when run on a separate storage host.</para>
<para>Console Proxy and Secondary Storage VM services.</para>
<section id="issues-fixed-4.3">
<title>Issues Fixed in 4.3</title>
@@ -3453,6 +3480,29 @@ service cloudstack-agent start
<section id="alert-api">
<title>Reporting CPU Sockets</title>
<tgroup cols="2" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">
<colspec colwidth="1.0*" colname="1" colnum="1"/>
<colspec colwidth="9.87*" colname="2" colnum="2"/>
<entry><para>A new API has been added to generate and publish alerts for usage
services. The usage services can be installed on a different host or the same host
where the Management Server is running.</para></entry>
<section id="dynamic-compute">
<title>Dynamic Compute Offering</title>

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