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@@ -38,10 +38,9 @@ The easiest way to run ec2stack is to use a docker container. Pull the image fro
$ docker pull cloudstack/cloudstack-ec2stack

Run an interactive container and configure ec2stack for your CloudStack endpoint.
Be careful to use as the address for ec2stack server.
Be careful to use as the bind address for ec2stack server.

$ docker run -t -i cloudstack/ec2stack ec2stack-configure
$ docker run -ti cloudstack/cloudstack-ec2stack ec2stack-configure

Commit the configured container into a new image specific to your cloud.

@@ -53,9 +52,20 @@ Run an container with the ec2stack command

Register a user

$ curl -d AWSSecretKey=yoursecretkey -d AWSAccessKeyId=yourapikey -d Action=RegisterSecretKey http://localhost:5000

This should return an xml response with the message "Successfully Registered"

On Ubuntu systems install _pip_ and _awscli_ like so:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ sudo pip install awscli

Configure the AWS cli by entreing your CloudStack cloud API keys, and the name of the zone. Set the signature version to be _v2_:

$ aws configure
$ aws configure set default.ec2.signature_version v2

You now just need to configure your aws cli and use the local ec2stack point:

$ aws ec2 describe-images --endpoint=http://localhost:5000

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