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Fix weird bug in first time setup
For some reason the setup can't find flask if it's the first dependency on the list.
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brogand93 committed May 27, 2014
1 parent 9eb6c17 commit fec6b6c26914392b18a7721cc34aa37062ae7195
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@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ def listdisks(projectid, authorization, zone):
return helper.create_response(data=populated_response)

@app.route('/' +app.config['PATH'] + '<projectid>/zones/<zone>/disks/<disk>', methods=['GET'])
@app.route('/' + app.config['PATH'] + '<projectid>/zones/<zone>/disks/<disk>', methods=['GET'])
def getdisk(projectid, authorization, zone, disk):
response = get_disk_by_name(
@@ -50,11 +50,11 @@ def read(fname):
"gstack", "gstack.controllers", "gstack.models",
"", "", "pyoauth2"],

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