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***************************** W A R N I N G **********************************
Some user accessible points in this software package should be considered
"alpha". This means that the developer team is not investing _any_ effort
to provide backward compatibility between alpha releases for these parts.
This software will continue to be released as "alpha" until its code,
schemas, and APIs are considered stable.
Until then, there will be no warranty that newer versions will maintain backward
compatibility for such parts, even in the most simple cases. Of course
Cocoon will be compatible to latest release, 2.0.x release. However, once
"beta" status is reached, backward incompatible changes will be made only
when absolutely necessary to reach "final" status.
The Cocoon development team understands the importance of reliable
software as well protecting user investments through the creation of
a solid development platform that doesn't change. On the other hand,
the Cocoon project is a pioneer in many fields. Most of the technologies
it uses are at a "working draft" phase only. Thus, reliability cannot be
guaranteed before the software achieves its "final" status.
Until then, no effort will be provided to guarantee backward compatibility
for any parts considered alpha.
You have been warned.
***************************** W A R N I N G **********************************
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