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Re-enabling cocoon-it-fw site pages

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@@ -47,6 +47,15 @@ developers easier, e.g. support for running blocks as webapps or support for
paching the web.xml at deployment time.</p>
+<tr class="b">
+<p><strong><a href="it-fw/1.0/">Cocoon Integration Test Framework</a></strong></p>
+<td><a href="it-fw/1.0/">1.0</a></td>
+<p>The Cocoon Integration Test Framework provides support for running integration tests.</p>
<tr class="a">
<p><strong>Block Archetype</strong></p>
@@ -130,4 +139,4 @@ plugin configured and the dependencies don't have a version set):</p>
- </body></document>
+ </body></document>

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