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Co-authored-by: Roy Lenferink <>
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Abdur-rahmaanJ and rlenferink committed Feb 14, 2021
1 parent 272f9db commit 8878765f42bfcb9e03537a1e51ebc3ed1d56b1ed
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
title: MentorProgrammeApplicationhowever mentors are not their to teach you
title: Mentor Programme Application

<a name="MentorProgrammeApplication-MentoringProgrammeApplicationProcedure"></a>
@@ -88,4 +88,3 @@ mentoring programme simply ask for advice on the project mailing list
first, if that doesn't solve your problem then ask on the list (note project specific issues should be kept
to the project list).

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