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## Repository structure
## How to publish the website

This repository uses 2 branches for serving the website.
- The `master` branch, which contains all the sources for the website.
- The `asf-site` branch, which contains the generated website being used for the actual website.
(TODO: this is not setup yet - once it is we'll add links to the Jenkins build here)

When contributing patches, apply them to the `master` branch. Jenkins will then regenerate the website
and commit the changes to the `asf-site` branch.
Changes to the `master` branch of these repository trigger a Jenkins build that publishes the website,
by committing the generated pages and files to the `asf-site` branch of this repository.

## Content Management System
The [ASF's gitpubsub mechanism]( then synchronizes that content to [](, usually within a few seconds. More details about the publication process can be found in the [ASF Documentation about Project sites]( If for some reason this process fails, you can use [the self-service page from ASF Infra]( to trigger a resync of the git repo.

The website uses Hugo as static website generator.
See [Hugo]( for more info and for details how to install Hugo.
## Powered by Hugo!

## Generate the website
The website uses Hugo as static website generator, see [their website]( for more information
and for how to install and run it if needed.

## How to test the website and changes on your own computer

To generate the static website, execute `hugo` to generate and serve the website on `localhost:1313`.

During development, it may be useful to run an incremental build. For this to work, execute `hugo server -D` to
continuously generate and serve the website on `localhost:1313`.

## Publish the website
continuously (re)generate and serve the website on `localhost:1313`.

Jenkins is used for generating the website and committing the generated site to the `asf-site` branch.

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