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sebbASF committed Oct 13, 2020
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@@ -46,15 +46,15 @@ Apache Commons Build Plugin Maven Mojo
[![Build Status](](
[![Coverage Status](](
[![Maven Central](](

Apache Maven Mojo for Apache Commons Build tasks.

For example:
mvn commons:download-page [-Dcommons.release.version=1.2.3]
mvn commons-build:download-page [-Dcommons.release.version=1.2.3]

To use a SNAPSHOT version (for testing etc)
mvn org.apache.commons:commons-build-plugin:1.10-SNAPSHOT:download-page [-Dcommons.release.version=1.2.3]
mvn org.apache.commons:commons-build-plugin:1.12-SNAPSHOT:download-page [-Dcommons.release.version=1.2.3]

@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ Alternatively you can pull it from the central Maven repositories:

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