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[CSV-148] Add testcases about withIgnoreSurroundingSpaces() and
withTrim() #70.
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garydgregory committed Jul 3, 2021
1 parent 238486d commit 83ad213fdb7987e16c036c1c5d8883d60c498cf1
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
<action issue="CSV-195" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Rodolfo Duldulao, Rodolfo Duldulao, Michael Vitz, dota17">Parser iterates over the last CSV Record twice.</action>
<action issue="CSV-267" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Arturo Bernal">Minor improvements #126, #127, #130.</action>
<action issue="CSV-123" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Emmanuel Bourg, Benedikt Ritter, shivakrishnaah, Gary Gregory">Add possibility to use ResultSet header meta data as CSV header #11.</action>

<action issue="CSV-148" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="dota17">Add test cases for withIgnoreSurroundingSpaces() and withTrim() #70.</action>
<!-- ADD -->
<action issue="CSV-275" type="add" dev="ggregory" due-to="Michael Wyraz, Gary Gregory">Make CSVRecord#toList() public.</action>
<action type="add" dev="ggregory" due-to="Gary Gregory">Add CSVRecord#stream().</action>

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