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Apache Commons Exec 1.2 RELEASE NOTES file.
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Apache Commons Exec 1.2 RELEASE NOTES

The Apache Commons Exec team is pleased to announce the Apache commons-exec-1.2 release!

Apache Commons Exec is a library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM.

Changes in this version include:

New features:

o Set names for started threads. Issue: EXEC-55. Thanks to Dominik Stadler.

Fixed Bugs:

o Watchdog kills process immediately if timeout is too large. Issue: EXEC-68. Thanks to Joel McCance.
o Applied the patch from Nickolay Martinov but the timeout disguises the fact
that the process might be still runnung - therefore added a sanity check in
order to throw an exception if the the timeout for join() was exceeded. Issue: EXEC-57. Thanks to Nickolay Martinov.
o Fixed dead lock by calling the timeout observers outside of the synchronized block thereby
removing on pre-requisite of a deadlock. Also added a test case to demonstrate that this
problem is fixed (which of course can not guarantee the absence of a dead lock). Issue: EXEC-60. Thanks to Peter Kofler.
o Tests fail on HP-UX, because it uses a different syntax for the ping command. Issue: EXEC-52. Thanks to Nickolay Martinov.
o "Write dead end" IOException when using Piped streams w/PumpStreamHandler.
When encountering a PipedOutputStream we will automatically close it to avoid
the exception. Issue: EXEC-49. Thanks to Kevin Telford.
o Race condition prevent watchdog working using ExecuteStreamHandler.
Patch submittd by Kristian Rosenvold. Issue: EXEC-34. Thanks to Marco Ferrante.

For complete information on Apache Commons Exec, including instructions on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons Exec website:

Have fun!
-Apache Commons Exec team

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